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Executive Comitee

What does our POR say about the executive comitee?

The internal composition, organization and administration of a Venture Scout Unit are decided by an Executive Committee, elected by the Venture Scouts of the Unit, at regular intervals as may seem fit for that particular Unit. The size of the Committee and the method of selection will depend on the size and composition of the Unit. The Executive Committee will consist of a Chairman and such other members as the Unit may decide.The Chairman of the Executive Committee will be a Venture Scout and the Venture Scout Leader will work with him. However successful the internal organization of the Unit, the Venture Scout Leader will always be responsible for the progress of the Unit.

Long term plans and other important matters should be discussed by the whole Unit in full session and then final decisions should be taken by the Executive Committee and Venture Scout Leader; the latter should always keep the G.S.L. fully informed. Detailed short term planning should be started by the Executive Committee in the first instance, and then continued by the group carrying out the activity. The Executive Committee plays an important role, together with the Venture Scout Leader, in implementing the training schemes, maintaining the standards of the award scheme, assisting other Sections in the Group, and performing community service

Our executive comitee

Our executive comitee consists of three members, these were elected in October 2013. The following are their roles;

  • Chairperson – Kurt Scicluna
  • Assistant Chairperson – Lyon
  • Treasurer – Melchior Xuereb

Click Here To Download The Unit Executiv IHQ Draft Document