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Venture Unit (15-18 Y/O)

Venture Unit
Age: 15 to 18 yrs.
Leaders: Venture Scout Leader – Karl Psaila Custo
                     Assistant Venture Scout Leader – David Borg
                     Assistant Venture Scout Leader – Karl Fabri
                     Acting Venture Instructor – Larkin Alan Portelli

Throughout this important age for the development of a child, the Ventures Section practices programmes full of activities, where the members of this section are given the chance to contribute and realize in reality, things that they experimented before with the preceding sections.

One of the badges full of activities for this section is the Venture Award. This badge consists of tasks specifically designed to help the Venture develop fully his character and help him in a responsible way to face all the challenges that can crop up in one’s life.
The Venture Unit meets every Friday at 7:30pm