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Pipe Band

1st Hamrun Pipe Band  – Duke of Argyll’s Own

The Hamrun Group was established in 1913. at that time, most of the army regiments that were stationed in Malta, had their own bands. It was on these models that the Hamrun Group formed its own band. The band was started with a bugle, which was joined by drums some time later. Fifes were also introduced and thus it became a Fife and Drum Band although bugles also remained present in the band. The band was also shaped very similar to a military brass band for some time. Bagpipes became popular in Malta mainly due to two Highland Regiments stationed in our country. Our group leader at that time, Mr. JoeBorg, saw the potential of this instrument and introduced it to the band, thus changing it to a Pipe Band. For this reason, four bagpipes were bought second hand from the Birkirkara St.Paul?s Brigade. These pipes were played by A.S.M. V. Tedesco, R.S. C.Giacomotto, R.S. D.Bugeja, C.M. G.Cilia. The pipes were so much at heart that they were even named: Totem Pole, A.A.R.D. Wolf, Gillwell and Baden Powell. More pipes were bought after some time. New drums were bought, to replace the high-tension drums the group had before, two cymbals (Bell Lyras), and a tenor drum. The last instruments to join our band were a set of drums from the well-known company Premier.

In 1968, the Hamrun Scout Group was honoured with the Coat of Arms of the Duke of Argyll presented to us by the Duke himself. From that day on, with the approval of the Scout Association of Malta, our group became the 1st Hamrun Scout Group Duke of Argyll?s Own. This was an honour to our group especially to our Pipe Band which could wear the tartan belonging to the Campbell Clan from that day on.

Members joining our Pipe Band do not necessarily know how to read music. They are taught how to play listening to it. What is really important is the commitment to practice the instrument as often as possible. Members of the Pipe Band have been with the group for at least a year and are in possession of the scout standard, ‘Scout first bandsman later’. The band is made up mainly of members in the Venture Unit and the Troop Section, while members in the Cubs Section are prepared to join when they are old enough.